Hello there beautiful, I'm Sara!

Imagine yourself sitting cross legged on your grandparents bed, flipping through all the old photographs, feeling the tacky surface of each one and watching your fingerprint seal on the edge. Jeopardy is playing in the background and you softly hear Grandma and Grandpa both saying the wrong answer at the same time.

This Is how the majority of my childhood was spent, reminiscing and creating a narrative as to what happened that day only using my imagination and that one picture.

"After one conversation with Sara, I knew she understood our vision for our wedding day. Sara is a talented photographer with a photo-journalistic style. We had a small wedding of 100 guests. We wanted a photographer who was non-intrusive and natural in their style. We asked one thing of Sara and that was to capture our guests having a great time. Our wedding photos can truly be described as timeless! "
- Sam + Brandon